Work columns demo

This example shows the Work and Cost columns.

In the 'Resource cost' panel, the hourly cost per resource is distributed over the days of each task. Per use cost and rate can be modified, and any modification made will update the total cost for the assigned tasks. Red colored cells indicate that a resource is overbooked.

In the 'Gantt chart' panel you get an overview of the assignments per task. This demo allows you to switch between three sets of columns: assignment columns, effort columns and cost columns.

Effort columns

These are the so called work columns. The Effort of the tasks are automatically calculated with the FixedDuration scheduling mode. ActualEffort is based on the PercentDone value multiplied by the Effort. Any update on ActualEffort will update the PercentDone and ActualCost values. Vice-versa, any update on PercentDone will update these fields too. EffortVariance is the difference between BaselineEffort and the Effort value.

Cost columns

The cost values are calculated based on the Effort, PerUseCost and Rate fields of the assigned resources. All cost values are automatically calculated, and any change to the resource rate will update the cost value. In the Gantt chart, only the BaselineCost field is editable. The CostVariance field shows the difference between the Cost and the ActualCost value.