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Bryntum Gantt

Welcome to Bryntum Gantt - a super fast and feature packed JavaScript Gantt chart component which integrates easily with popular frameworks. Click a logo below to open the integration guide for the framework:

This document contains very brief info on the Gantt's structure and how to get started. For more information, please view the guides and API Docs (open Gantt in API docs).

Live demo

Here you can try out the Gantt and some of its main features. For more demos please refer to the example browser.

Bryntum Gantt is a successor of our Ext Gantt product built on modern web technologies. For its scheduling logic, it uses ChronoGraph - an open source reactive computational engine, which provides excellent performance and support for projects of any size.

Bryntum Gantt supports:

  • Scheduling tasks using dependencies
  • Scheduling tasks using constraints
  • Calendars for project, tasks and resources
  • Both recurrent and fixed time intervals for calendars
  • Very customizable rendering and styling
  • Rich graphical UI, including many different column types & task editor
  • Support for huge projects. Project size is limited only by the memory.
  • Lots more - please refer to our guides and API docs.

The scheduling engine used by the Bryntum Gantt is very customizable and you can extend it with your own business logic. You can also use our Professional Services if you need fine tuning of the scheduling logic to suit your needs.

Framework agnostic

The Bryntum Gantt does not require any framework but works perfectly with popular frameworks such as React, Angular, Vue, Ionic and Ext JS. It also ships with frameworks demos which can be found in the examples/frameworks folder.

Getting started

For getting started information, please refer to this guide.

External dependencies

Bryntum Gantt has just one external dependency - ChronoGraph. If you use the bundle version, it is built in and should require no extra installation or configuration.

  • ChronoGraph, a reactive graph-based computational engine

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